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Stephen Frazier, Western Illinois University

University Technology Reorganization Update

University Technology at Western Illinois University is continuing its transformation process!  Beginning on January 2, 2016, the department will be reorganized to become more efficient and effective.  Planning for this change began nearly a year and a half ago when Administrative Information Management Systems (AIMS), Electronic Student Services (ESS), Quad Cities Technology, and University Technology (uTech) were combined under the name of University Technology.

While there are many aspects to the reorganization, the most evident changes will be:

The formation of a new Applications Group. In the past if people went to AIMS asking for a program or application, AIMS would provide a mainframe-based solution.  uTech and ESS, however, would provide a Windows or Linux-based solution.  Now that AIMS, ESS and uTech are together in one organization, one group will handle all of these requests and be in a position to make the best decision on which platform to use.  This new group, called the Applications Group, will also maintain 3rd party applications and report to the director of AIMS.

Additional support for the IT Security team.  Bob Emmert will be heading up a new security team. Along with other initiatives, they will be working with an IT security firm, Dell SecureWorks. This firm has just finished a comprehensive IT security audit for WIU.  In addition, they are monitoring server traffic and watching for malicious or fraudulent activity.

The uTech Support Center will be relocated.  The uTech Computer Store will now be part of uTech’s Support Services headed by Kevin Morgan.  The Support Center (Help Desk), which is currently located in Stipes Hall, will be moved into the uTech Computer Store in the University Union. This will be more centrally located for walk-in support. Phone support, however, will continue to be provided from the Stipes Hall location.

Although reporting lines will change on January 2nd for some people within uTech, not all staff will begin their new duties immediately.  A transition period is needed to allow them to learn their new support roles and turn over some of their former duties to others.  Also, University Technology will form a liaison council during the spring 2016 semester.  The directors and some of the managers in uTech, along with college tech reps and staff in various organizations served by uTech, will meet regularly with the CIO to help identify service needs and priorities.

More details about uTech’s reorganization plans can be found on the uTech website at  If you have any questions about the reorganization, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I hope that everyone has a relaxing winter break and a wonderful holiday season, and I look forward to working with each of you in the year to come!