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Stephen Frazier, Western Illinois University

Reporting on Major uTech Projects

Two new online reports are now providing detailed information about University Technology (uTech) projects; Summary and Detail reports. These reports are automatically updated each night and they can be accessed on uTech’s website with ECom credentials at:

Given the number of initiatives that University Technology is managing, visibility into uTech’s projects is critical. uTech provides a wide variety of technology services that directly or indirectly impact almost every individual and organization at the University. At any point in time, uTech is managing dozens of new IT implementations while providing support for ongoing production services. Keeping our stakeholders apprised of the status of these is important.

This newest reporting system, called the Major Project Tracking System, documents and tracks all of uTech’s major initiatives; whether they are currently underway, completed, on hold, or planned. This system was developed in-house using an existing application.

Detailed information about twenty-four active major projects is now being updated and tracked in the system. Tracked information includes the projects’ purpose, scope, managers, target start and end dates, milestones, and the current status. While there are more projects than listed in these reports (150 at last count), we’ve eliminated those that are either small or specifically for uTech internal operations.

Project managers are updating projects in the tracking database on at least a weekly basis. The reports are generated by the Pentaho Reporting tool and uploaded to uTech’s website each night. These reports, along with the newly implemented IT Governance, will help to improve transparency of IT project activities.


Author: Stephen Frazier, CIO

Stephen Frazier heads up the University Technology department as the CIO at Western Illinois University. He can be reached at

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